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Urban lighting: Public park, squares,  rectangular and public places


Urban LED lighting solutions that can ensure maximum visual comfort for passers-by.

Extending public spaces with city lighting

Urban spaces such as parks, plazas and city centers are meeting places that can be enhanced with LED lighting. City lighting also plays a fundamental role in safety. Urban LED lighting in parks and squares also requires special products that are different from city streets. Inara International offers solutions and optical systems dedicated to lighting all these specific urban areas, learn more or request a free consultation.

Why choose urban LED lighting?


Energy efficiency

Urban lighting is highly efficient: LEDs consume much less energy than traditional lamps to offer the same light output.

Increase security

Adequate lighting of sensitive areas such as public parks and cycle and pedestrian paths guarantees an increase in safety and a reduction in vandalism.

environmental improvement

Choosing design street lighting fixtures for urban lighting allows you to enhance the surrounding environment.

A variety of solutions for any urban area

Urban landscapes represent completely different areas that require specific urban lighting solutions.

Advantages of LED urban lighting in public parks

Increase security

Safe parks even at night.

Adequate LED urban lighting in public parks makes it possible to increase the safety and well-being of citizens, making these areas usable even at night, preventing criminal acts and vandalism.

Visual comfort

Even at low heights.

LED luminaires used to illuminate public parks or bike paths should provide maximum visual comfort to pedestrians when mounted on low poles.

Light only where it’s needed

Prevent light pollution.

Inara International can provide you with street lights for city lighting that are designed with an optical system that restricts the beam to only where necessary to avoid light pollution.

Public parks and cycle path

Urban lighting of squares and monuments

Urban lighting of squares and monuments

Urban lighting of squares and monuments

Enhance the environment with designer luminaires


For cities, LED city lighting not only represents an energy efficiency advantage, but it is also a way to improve the ease of use of the location and enhance the surrounding space. Choosing the quality and design of Made in Italy lamps for a square city lighting project means characterizing the surrounding space in an attractive way, creating an atmosphere and enhancing the image of the area.

Highlight the monument with LED lights


Accents and architectural lighting upgrade the cityscape


Urban accent lighting creates a connection between the architectural features of the landscape, such as monuments, and the surrounding area, making them stand out from the context. With the right LED products, you can highlight specific areas by highlighting key elements.

Image by [2Ni]

Make the city stand out

LED lighting for streets and pedestrian zones

City lighting for large pedestrian

Urban lighting of large pedestrian areas


Due to their small size and excellent lighting performance that can be installed under eaves, LED floodlights are the ideal solution for illuminating large pedestrian areas such as city streets or large plazas in historical centers.


Perfect light uniformity


High energy efficiency


Compact design solutions

Image by Izuddin Helmi Adnan

Eaves installation solutions

Lighting to brighten up urban spaces


Proper lighting has a huge impact on "sociality" and how society perceives a space at night. This approach, increasingly considered in public administration, is very interesting in that it makes urban spaces more accessible and livable for citizens even after sunset. Choosing the right city lighting means ensuring greater safety and effectively re-planning the city's most problematic areas.

Lighting to brighten up urban spaces
Image by Intricate Explorer

Increase security

Benefits perceived by citizens.

Creating city lighting for public places with high-efficiency luminaires and high-quality LED light sources also brings numerous benefits to citizens. Urban LED lighting virtually guarantees high color rendering for a comfortable environment even at night. In addition, visibility is increased, which has a positive effect on the stability of citizens.


improve attractiveness

For a more desirable area.

Aside from choosing a city light fixture with an efficient and technologically advanced optical system, no design aspect can be overlooked. We provide urban lighting solutions that beautify the environment. Public lighting can increase the attractiveness of a neighborhood or redesign secondary areas.

Reduce administrative costs

Also eliminate maintenance.

One of the main benefits of converting city lighting to LEDs is reduced operating costs. LEDs consume significantly less energy than conventional lamps with the same light output. Moreover, thanks to recent technological innovations, our luminaires have a lifetime of over 100,000 hours or an operating life of over 20 years.

Apartment Building

The right light for each urban area

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