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Decorative and Classical Lighting: Console Lanterns and Cast Iron Candlesticks 

 Decorative street lighting solutions such as cast iron candlesticks and LED lights. Rediscover the artistic value of tradition.

Traditional charm

For more than 25 years, we have been at the forefront of foundry and ironworking technology. The charm and craftsmanship of decorative and artistic lighting solutions such as cast iron candlesticks are now combined with LED lanterns that can combine tradition with energy savings.


Rely on the know-how of Inara International 


Individual solution

Our experience allows us to offer customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into prestigious situations.

We enhance the heritage

We identify the best solutions to enhance the artistic heritage of the cities of art and historic centers.

Our history of doing our best


For over 25 years, Inara International the most precious heritage we have had the historic centers of all cities of art. This is an activity we do every day with ability and responsibility because we know how certain lighting can make a difference and leave a mark on history in improving the environment.

Decorative street light solutions

Cast iron candelabra

The beauty of history

Inara International supplies cast iron chandeliers that give the city a timeless style. The expression of high craftsmanship combined with the monumental design can be perfectly integrated into the authoritative historical context, adding to its aesthetic value.

Artistic brackets

Ideal for historic buildings

Historic buildings or buildings of particular cultural value need wall lighting that can be created with artistic brackets for the installation of suspended or fixed lanterns. A solution that fits perfectly into the historical context and creates added value.

Light only where it’s needed

Prevent light pollution.

Inara International can provide you with street lights for city lighting that are designed with an optical system that restricts the beam to only where necessary to avoid light pollution.

Public lighting solution for the city of art


Enhance the environment with historical candelabra of great value

For a city, lighting gives the opportunity to improve the usability of places and enhance the surrounding spaces. Choosing the quality and historic design of the public lighting project Choosing a candelabra or LED lantern made of cast iron characterizes the surrounding space, creates an atmosphere and creates a local atmosphere. It means choosing a solution that is in perfect harmony with the historical beauty of the inserted city

Image by Lesly Derksen

LED lights for decorative lighting

Historic design and intelligent use of a state-of-the-art optical system encapsulated in an elegant lantern for high-quality and aesthetic LED lighting is ideal to illuminate a city of arts, historic centers or important squares.


Why Choose Inara International for Decorative Lighting Solutions?

center improvement

Benefits experienced by citizens

Benefits experienced by citizens Creating adequate lighting in historical centers brings numerous benefits to city dwellers. Lighting with decorative LED lights ensures high visual comfort and high color rendering. The historic center is shinning with a new light, and improved visibility creates a greater sense of security for citizens.

Improve attractiveness

Solutions of aesthetic value

In addition to choosing street lighting fixtures with efficient optical systems, design aspects cannot be overlooked in historical centers and art cities. Whether it's a cast-iron lamp or a decorative wall bracket, we offer decorative lighting solutions that beautify the environment and perfectly fit into the historical context.

Decrease in consumption

Choosing an Efficient LED Lighting

One of the main benefits of converting LED lighting is reduced consumption. LEDs use much less energy in street lights than conventional lamps and require no maintenance. That's why we supply historic style lanterns with 4000K and 3000K color temperature and high-efficiency LED light sources to make the historic center more efficient without sacrificing traditional style.

History living in the present


Our efforts to make cities more efficient and reduce government energy consumption fit perfectly with our decorative LED lighting solutions. We have been able to perfectly combine the historic style of some lighting fixtures, such as lanterns, with efficient LED technology for environmental and energy-saving benefits.

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