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Round Architecture
Urban lighting: Public park, squares,  rectangular and public places

Urban LED lighting solutions that can ensure maximum visual comfort for passers-by.

The objectives of outdoor architectural lighting


With architectural lights you can enhance the aspect of buildings, historic buildings, monuments and increase the attendance of that place.

More attractiveness

Increase the attractiveness of a place by emphasizing architectural, park, or façade details. Give your city space character with the best lighting quality. Give your space new life and enhance detail with maximum efficiency of the latest ligth technology for architectural lighting.

Vandalism prevention

Prevent vandalism through proper and efficient lighting, increasing safety in historical and artistic fields. Areas of cultural interest deserve maximum security and maximum lighting to enhance, protect and preserve their artistic heritage.

Light for every need

Inara International designs and manufactures architectural light retrofit and renovation projects and new installations. Our architectural lights have a variety of optics for architectural and accent lighting.

Image by Tejas Patel

Why Architectural Lights Decorate the City


More Tourism

Increase the number of places of interest even at night thanks to well-illuminated areas.

Enhanced security

Prevent vandalism by safely illuminating the entire area and protecting artistic heritage.

More designs

Choose architectural ligths with a minimalistic design that fits both historical and modern contexts.

Aspects of architectural lighting

Outdoor architectural lights can be used for a variety of purposes. Light can perform both functional and safety tasks, allowing people to perform certain tasks in open spaces. In the same way, it can serve as an advertising function, thereby attracting people's attention to a specific cultural property. However, light also serves the purpose of creating a suggestive and unique atmosphere between the architectural aspect of a building and its surroundings. This is why Inara International are considered functional: they can satisfy any lighting requirement

Using architectural luminaires for different purposes

Light as a functional language

Illuminate safety areas

Outdoor architectural ligths guide people in specific areas and allow them to carry out complete safety activities in specific areas, such as entrances and exits.

Light to promote and advertise

Attract people to a specific area


With outdoor Architectural light, you can highlight the architectural details of the monument to attract people's attention.

Light that creates emotions

Create suggestive atmospheres

Enhance people's experiences by creating unforgettable lighting scenarios with outdoor architectural lighting. In ideal design, architecture and light have always been two inseparable concepts.

What can you do with architectural lights

Whether it's a monument, historic building, Mosaq, or modern building, outdoor architectural lighting offers unprecedented flexibility. Unlike legacy lamps, architectural light can create custom lighting scenarios and illuminate each affected area, avoiding dark areas or uneven lighting.

The benefits of outdoor architectural lighting

The benefits of outdoor architectural lighting
There are many reasons to leave the old HID or mercury vapor lamps and just as many reasons to go towards a new light choice.

Save energy

LED architectural lights consume significantly less energy than traditional lamps.

Uniform emission

Possibility to create focused rays that can emphasize architectural details.

Great color rendering

architectural light and monumental lighting can also be used to recreate the actual colors of objects at night.

Another focus of architectural lighting is people


It is very important to create an atmosphere suitable for any social environment to elicit a reaction from people. In fact, emotions are a key element of any outdoor architectural lighting project. Light affects people's mood and emotional state. Depending on the type of lighting, light may or may not evoke emotions, awe, impressions, and well-being. That's why during a lighting consultation, we help our clients choose the most suitable architectural spotlights to create harmony and connection with their environment

A natural link between people and light

Image by Lesly Derksen

Emphasize modern buildings

Image by Lesly Derksen

Use light to make your project unique


Our technology applied to outdoor architectural lighting has progressed very rapidly, opening up amazing possibilities. Choosing the right luminaires for buildings, plazas and architecture means taking advantage of the obvious benefits of making everything so much more flexible. In other words, it can be adjusted based on light intensity control, color temperature, an automatic light adaptation based on precise time, or even more, depending on the amount of natural light.

Creating the proper ecosystem for any environment


A natural link between people and light
People are psychologically and biologically influenced by the perceptions given by light, both natural and artificial. For this reason, the choice of high-quality outdoor architectural lights becomes very important when it integrates with the urban landscape.

Use architectural outdoor lighting to create harmony between illuminated objects and their context

Architectural outdoor lighting in modern buildings with sophisticated designs is also primarily aimed at creating a bright harmony between the building and its surroundings. Therefore, our mission is to help designers add value to the architecture, shape and details of contemporary façades and buildings. Each space has its own purpose and it is best to enhance the lighting with architectural lights.


With us you can create original projects


Outdoor architectural lighting is now increasingly used in lighting projects. we are able to harness the full potential and versatility of this extraordinary technology to create original and innovative projects that can redefine cities.

accent lighting


highlight elements with light

Accent lights are part of architectural lighting. In fact, it is used to highlight some elements of architecture, monuments or other objects. Accent lighting tends to illuminate objects from all sides or only partially to create a certain effect. our light design technology has no limitations and we can create a variety of effects.

Image by Lesly Derksen
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