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Tunnel lighting and underpass lighting

Efficient and connected lighting of underpasses and road tunnels. Minimize overlap and remotely control road tunnels with our lighting systems.

Lights for tunnel lighting

Discover Inara International solutions and systems for tunnel and underpass lighting, such as efficient LED floodlight that are more energy-efficient and last longer. Road tunnels are special areas necessary to ensure the complete safety of travelers and reduce accidents to ensure the smooth movement of traffic. A special LED light source for street and road tunnel lighting design by Inara International ensures an even distribution of light and high visual comfort, reducing glare and allowing travelers to move at a constant speed.

Choose Light for tunnel and underpass lighting

Cost reduction

High efficiency and low maintenance

Achieve high energy savings and low maintenance costs with Inara International. Controls light output by reducing inactive installation periods and associated CO2 emissions.

Increase security

Keep traffic smoothly with right lights 


The road tunnel lighting solution clearly lights the tunnel to reduce the risk of traffic congestion and road accidents to allow travelers to travel at a constant speed.

Best experience

light enhances your driving experience

Improve visual comfort when entering and exiting with Inara International light systems for tunnels and underpasses. Make your visual perception of color realistic by using a high color rendering index.

Image by Frankie Lopez

Why illuminate a tunnel with us


lighting optimization

A specific light source for tunnel lighting provides high visual comfort and uniform light emission.

Remote control systems

With LED technology and efficient LED street lights and fixtures, every street is safer with better light quality and better color rendering, which inevitably reduces vandalism and crime.

Better to live

Remote control lighting control using a tunnel lighting control management system that can control the lighting in road tunnels and change the luminous flux

Smart system for tunnel lighting

Intelligent control system for reliable lighting of underground passages. Technology allows customers to easily control the system remotely and installers benefit from ease of installation and maintenance.


Which ligths are used for tunnel lighting


Entrance lighting

Tunnel lighting is tuned according to the signal from the external luminance probe. Light sensitized headlights change the luminous flux according to the external brightness conditions.

Permanent lighting

Tunnel lights are timed based on sunrise and sunset calculations with an adjustable offset and setable two day/night levels.

Exit lighting

The lighting in the tunnel is timed according to sunrise and sunset calculations. In day mode it is set to the same level as the regular light, and in night mode it is turned off.

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