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LED lights for roads and highways

We light up the streets of your city in a safe and sustainable way.

we supply poles for efficient and performing LED street lighting.

Upgrade your city streets with LEDs

Proper LED street lighting should ensure maximum visual quality, safety and energy efficiency. Therefore, the purpose of street lights is to enable citizens to move completely safely in conditions of good visibility while also enabling municipalities to save energy costs.

Energy savings

High efficiency

LED street lights consume up to 80% less than conventional lamps. Using LEDs can reduce maintenance costs and even create custom dimming scenarios according to your needs.

Safer roads

Enhanced security

LED technology can improve road safety by enhancing the driver's visual experience and providing maximum visual comfort to pedestrians on a much safer road.

Green light

Eco-friendly lighting

In addition to energy consumption, using LED technology can also reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, the optics in our products reduce light pollution by effectively illuminating only the necessary areas.


Lamps for street lighting

High Quality LED Street Lights

Optimize management costs

Today, one of the main tasks is to shut off electricity through various dimming systems. Inara International Illuminazione proposes that these intelligent control systems adjust lighting levels as needed to create strategic scenarios. LED street lights are more efficient and durable than traditional street lights and require less maintenance. These technologies can make full use of LED street lights and save more than 80% of the required energy.

increased energy saving

The average savings achieved with LED lighting is about 93% compared to incandescent lamps, 90% compared to halogen lamps, 70% compared to metal halide lamps and 66% compared to fluorescent lamps.

Reduced maintenance

Thanks to the latest technology updates, LED lights have worked for over 100,000 hours or 20 years. This greatly reduces maintenance costs as periodic lamp replacement is no longer required.

Excellent color rendering

4000K LED street lights makes it easier for drivers to detect the presence of pedestrians and obstacles than other color temperatures.

Why is street lighting important?


With LED street lights people feel safe and cities save costs

More light on the streets and suburbs

The requests of citizens and traders are increasing more and more with a common goal, that of lighting all the streets of the cities and suburbs with LED street lights. With efficient LED street lighting systems you guarantee citizens well-illuminated areas that consequently generate a sense of safety.

LED street light

LED street lights illuminate all areas of the city, especially the suburbs for added security. Reduce your energy costs and make every place in your city safer.

Crime reduction

With LED technology and efficient LED street lights and fixtures, every street is safer with better light quality and better color rendering, which inevitably reduces vandalism and crime.

Better to live

Enhance the livability of your city with efficient LED street lights. Proper LED lighting returns parks, plazas and other areas of the city to their citizens, making them safe to use at night.

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