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Sport professional lighting: arena and stadium


Improve your experience with light shows and dynamic content, making your stadium compliant with category regulations a safer place.

Liven up the show with stadium lighting solutions

 luminaires for stadiums and large sports facilities have been developed by Inara International to make every football match an amazing show. Each stadium is unique and the lighting design requires special solutions. That's why Inara International offers the right solution to modernize your stadium, with one interlocutor chosen. Enhance your shows, create dynamic content and increase safety with stadium lighting design and supply by Inara International.

Why Choose Inara International for Stadium Lighting


All in compliance

 Requirements for coverage and categories of TV frames 

Stadium lights designed by Inara International can meet categorical requirements for legal installations. You can also match your broadcaster's settings to capture high-definition video with flicker-free lighting.

Better visual comfort

Uniform emission of the light beam and high quality of light


The stadium lighting designed by Inara International guarantees a regular and uniform light distribution that considerably reduces glare phenomena, increasing visual comfort for players, match officials and spectators.

Unique experience

Turn any game into an amazing experience with a light show

DMX control allows you to control each light and create dynamic content. Create light shows and excite your audience with pre-match and post-match performances to engage your team's fans and boost your organization's reputation.

Enhanced security

The  solutions for stadiums lighting designed by Inara International use high performance for a uniform distribution of lighting, providing greater safety for fans and players in all areas of the stadium

Enhanced security

The choice of Inara International luminaires for stadium lighting means high levels of energy savings and the use of high-performance light sources. This saves energy and maintenance costs.

Return on investment

Use our stadium lighting management system to quickly control and configure lighting with high-efficiency light sources with minimal waste.

Our stadium services in one package


Energy analysis

We analyze the best solution for your requirements.


We design according to your stadium lighting


We supply your new plant 


We install your solution wherever you are.

Illumination display during pre-match and post-match stages

Add fun and give fans a unique sensibility

Our stadium services in one package


Playing field

 It provides clear, uniform stadium pitch  lighting to meet the needs of broadcasters while improving visual comfort for players, match officials and spectators.


lighting is also available in the grandstands and grandstands. Enhance the security of the stands to provide greater entertainment for spectators and stadium officials.

External areas

luminaires for outdoor arena areas such as plazas, parking lots and training grounds. This will increase the security of the area and more people will come to the arena.

Light shows

We create dynamic pre-and post-match content with high emotional value with stadium lighting. Make every match an amazing show and attract people to the arena before the match.

Roof and facade

The possibility to request roof and facade lighting systems for the stadium enhances the fan experience and increases brand awareness.

Control systems

Control all your lights through the DMX system to create dynamic content, increase fan engagement and build your reputation. Set up and control special stadium lighting.

Involve fans and set an experience for them

Fan engagement is a keyword for any sports club. Active fan engagement during team events is an activity that can only be done when certain services are available that can create strong bonds between fans and brands. By using the entertainment systems Inara International offers for your stadium lighting, you can create unforgettable moments by strengthening your loyalty to your fans and your brand.

Stadium as a global hub with our lighting


In order to achieve respect and recognition in the business sector and meet fan expectations, several requirements must be met to nurture an avid fan base who regularly attends all branded events. Inara International stadium lighting solutions can help keep brands competitive by providing fans a consistently Omni-directional experience, which enables them to build communities of loyalty and passion on a global level.

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